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Cooperation with GO Lazarevac

First Media Group has recently started cooperating with a new client, GO Lazarevac. This collaboration is is of great importance both for the FMG agency and for the city municipality of Lazarevac. Joint forces we will try to create a positive image of this municipality in the public eye. We look forward to future cooperation! Until now, GO Lazarevac has implemented numerous projects, among which are asphalting of the road in MZ Mirosaljka, procurement of new and modern ambulances, replacement of 910 m of water supply network, opening of the German one of the IGB Automotive company, reconstruction of parks and squares, as well as numerous projects that Lazarevac is involved in proud. For the year 2023, the city municipality of Lazarevac has important projects planned, some of which are of the national importance, such as the construction of the memorial complex of the ossuary. More is planned of infrastructural projects that will directly affect the improvement of the lives of the citizens of Lazarevac: reconstruction three schools, completion of works on the water supply network, construction of a kindergarten, complete reconstruction of the old building of the Ministry of Interior, asphalting of roads. In addition, the municipality has a rich calendar of events, of which special events are held stand out: Lazarevac Days, Cultural Summer, Craft Beer Festival, European Heritage Days and Kolubarska Days battles.