Knowledge is the best investment

Consulting services in the field of PR and marketing, as well as interactive training and workshops, are created based on the needs and requirements of your business. We organize training to improve skills needed in the business world.


  • Negotiation

By attending this course you will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator. It will change the way you think about your own approach to the negotiation process and help you improve your negotiation skills.


  • Training for public performance

Even the most skilled presenters agree that claims of public figures about the absence of stage fright when speaking in public do not quite correspond to the truth. Well-known journalists will train you how to overcome stage fright and turn it into an ally. You will learn techniques on how to improve your diction and master the art of public speaking in different segments: internal communication within companies and institutions, press conferences, statements and interviews, participation in TV shows, TV duels, debates …

The training is intended for company management, representatives of the PR and marketing sectors and everyone who have the duty and the need to act publicly.


  • Course of diction

Our courses of diction, individual and group, are valuable for those who want to improve the culture of speech, to improve diction and effectively communicate with their business environment or the general public.

Lecturers are renowned experts for diction and culture of speech.


  • Public Relations Workshops (PR)

Workshops in the field of public relations are dedicated to those who want to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in PR or to improve in this area: the management of the company, PR sectors, and beginners who would like to engage in public relations. The program aims at mastering the tools necessary for a successful cooperation with the media.

The team consists of renowned experts, long-time professionals in the field of media, marketing, PR, and advertising.


  • Media School

Occasionally we organize training for groups that want to learn the practical lessons for several media professions: journalists, copywriters, camera operators, editors, stage make-up artist… First media group provides further education, scholarships, and employment to the best students.